When it comes to choosing where to eat, Stockholm is a city that offers multiple options. From traditional Swedish restaurants to pizzerias or food trucks, to restaurants with Spanish tapas, Indian or Thai food. And, in fact, Swedes love international cuisine, and while they take care of their traditions, they are always willing to try new things.

Now, Sweden is not characterized by being one of the cheapest destinations justly. So, if your plan is to visit  Stockholm in Low – Cost way, here we tell you where to eat -really- cheap in the swedish capital and save money on your trip.

If you are looking for cheap lunch in Stockholm at noon, what you should do is look for the menu that is offered as “dagens lunch” or “dagens rätt”. It is usually served from 11:30 a.m. and until approximately 2 p.m. and includes -in general- a free salad buffet, the dish of the day, bread and soft drink. Many restaurants have this option in the city and can cost between 8 Euros and 11 Euros. That’s right! Do not lose sight of the lunch schedule, because here you have lunch and dinner early.

Dining cheap in Stockholm is a bit more complicated, because you will even notice that the same dish that is offered at lunch can cost 50% more at night. Therefore, here we tell you about some cheap restaurants and bars, so you can take advantage of the daily menu at lunch and also have dinner options.

Lion Bar

This is an economical option to eat in Stockholm, and being a franchise, you can enjoy its menu in different places in Sweden as well.
Within the menu options, you will find burgers, FISH & CHIPS and even the famous Swedish PLANKSTEK (beef with roasted mashed potatoes) for 9 euros or less, a fairly low price for what are usually the prices of a menu in the city.




Gudfader, Pasta and salads on the Island of Södermalm

In this restaurant you can enjoy a menu for about 9 euros too. Although, until 3 pm, the menu is even cheaper (80 sek, 8 Euros), and includes a salad that can be served by yourself, tap water, bread and the main dish that is your choice. And they have one of the best pastas I have eaten.

Pasta Delizie, Gudfadern, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm

Pasta Delizie, Gudfadern, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm



As it could not be otherwise, the German chain Vapiano is also present in Stockholm, and although it is still an economic option, you should bear in mind that the prices are in line with the city. That is, you can find pizzas, pastas and salads from approximately 11 Euros. A good option, if you are one of those who like to dine late, since most restaurants usually close early.


Max Burgers

It’s one of the Swedish-flag burgers that will get you out of more than one hurry if you’re on a Low-Cost dinner plan. The price of the menu varies as in all the fast food chains, but the prices are around 7 Euros. Personally I think that the quality is superior to that offered by the American chains and they are also usually open late, but NOT ALL NIGHT, unless indicated by the entry.



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