If you already toured the city center with our Free Tours in Stockholm in ENGLISH, and want to visit some of the surrounding areas, then we recommend Vaxholm.

The original fortress was built by Gustav Vasa in 1544 in order to defend Stockholm from the attacks of ships from the East, although much of the current structure was built between 1833 and 1863. They say that even the Russian prisoners of war were forced to participate in the construction.

In the 1880s, Vaxholm became a popular spa destination, where many Stockholm residents have built their summer houses. Although, nowadays the city havr many permanent inhabitants, but it continues being one of the destinies for the inhabitants of Stockholm, in the summer.

Vaxholm, Stockholm / Credit: Rogerarn / Pixabay

Vaxholm, Stockholm / Credit: Rogerarn / Pixabay


How to get to Vaxholm?

There are several ways to get to VAXHOLM from the center of Stockholm, such as Ferries and Public Transport, but you should also know that the island is very well connected with roads, so if you have taken a rental car or prefer to take a taxi you can also do so .

Public transport

To get to VAXHOLM, you must combine metro and bus. This is the cheapest option since it does not require any special ticket or extra fee, and being a trip of approximately 1 hour from the Stockholm center. You only need a single ticket per trip. I recommend that you also read our post about the Public Transport of Stockholm to know more about the service in general and the types of tickets (you will also find the links to download the application that we all use to move around Stockholm).

Waxholmsbolaget company ferry – Departure from Stockholm Strömkajen

These ferries are not included in public transport, and therefore you will have to buy special tickets for that.
The departure of the boats is from the Bay of Blasieholmen, in front of the Grand Hotel, and the point is called “Stockholm Strömkajen”. The journey takes between 75 and 90 minutes, and each trip costs around 80 sek.


What to do in Vaxholm?

Undoubtedly, visiting the National Museum of Coastal Defense of Sweden that is inside the fortress built by Gustav Vasa is one of the activities preferred by tourists, but you should bear in mind that the daily guided tours are only during the summer (according to the web page, from June 23/2019 to August 18, 2019, and the schedule in English is at 3:45 pm).

Also, as we said earlier, Vaxholm is a summer resort, so you can also swim or picnic outdoors.

In the area, there are also several restaurants with a terrace where you can really enjoy the gastronomy of the place, or you can take a FIKA, and feel a bit Swedish.


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