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In Free Stockholm Tour we are always looking for new guides that love the city as much as we do. Why? The reason is simple: we are convinced that only those who really enjoy what they do can offer quality tours, and that is our goal.

How do you know if this work is for you? Easy!

If you enjoy taking long walks in the streets of Stockholm (even in cold days), if you do not mind speaking in public and you love to meet people from different parts of the world, you already have potential!

If you are one of those who does not shut up, you like Swedish history and culture, and you enjoy telling your friends those curious facts that you once read, without a doubt you are on the right track.

If you are also a person who likes to go out, visit museums or discover new places and taste new flavors, you definitely have everything to work with us!

As tourists, we do not only like to know about the history and general culture of a place but also to discover those places that the locals frequently go to. If there is one thing that we have learned over the years, it is that you will never eat better than in the places the locals usually visit. That’s why it is very important for us that you can answer, from your own experience to the possible questions that arise in the tours about those topics.

Well, what do you say? Do you want to sign up?

Send us your CV to and we will get in touch with you.