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If you are one of those who like to return home with the camera or the phone full of beautiful photographs and do not mind walking half the city to get them, this post will be very interesting for you.

As an amateur photographer, I love waIking around in the city and I usually end up with a lot of new photographs on all my devices, the city is beautiful and every day I discover new places, or as we call it in swedish, smultronställe (wild strawberry place). So in this post I will point out some of my favourite places of Stockholm and the places with the best view to take amazing photographs.


The island and also district, Södermalm, is a part of Stockholm which mostly is located on a hill, which gives you a lot of nice views. There are two high points: Monteliusvägen and Skinnarviksberget from where you can see almost all Stockholm, and where you can photograph the Island of Kungsholmen (and in particular the Stockholm City Hall) and the Island of Riddarholmen.

Riddarholmen, view from Monteliusvägen, Stockholm

Riddarholmen, view from Monteliusvägen, Stockholm

Near the Slussen metro station, there is the Katarina elevator (Katarinahissen) and it will take you directly to a walkway located above the GONDOLEN restaurant. Since a big renovation of the Slussen area has begun, the elevator is closed and the option of easier access is using the elevator of the restaurant. But from up here you will have an amazing view over Gamla Stan and Skeppsholmen

Finally, the viewpoint of Fjällgatan. From there you can photograph the Island of Skeppsholmen and Djurgården. During the summer you may find some big cruises below, so you should go to the Church of Ersta to get the best view. (Do not worry, below you will find a map with the marked points)

Gamla Stan, view from the City Hall Tower, Stockholm

Gamla Stan, view from the City Hall Tower, Stockholm


Possibly more known by tourists as the “Island of the City Hall” which is on the opposite side from Södermalm, offers the possibility to portray (at water level) the islands of Riddarholmen and Södermalm.

In addition, during the summer months it is possible to go up in City Hall tower. Attention! It is important that you go with time because the visits are every half hour and only 30 people can access at once and it will take you about 20 minutes to get up and down so be prepared!


Stockholm´s City Hall, view from Riddarholmen Island.

Stockholm´s City Hall, view from Riddarholmen Island.


Translated as “the island of the knights” Riddarholmen houses many buildings built in the 17th century. The island is very small and from there you can take the best pictures of the City Hall and the Island of Södermalm.




Skeppsholmen is an old island where a lot of city defence and military was and also ship building took place. Skeppsholmsbron is the bridge that connects Blasieholmen with the island of Skeppsholmen and from there the views towards Stadsholmen and Strandvägen are very beautiful as well.


It is also known as the “island of museums” since it houses many of them such as the Wasa museum, Skansen Museum, the ABBA Museum and the Gröna Lund Amusement Park. And while it is worthwhile to walk the bridge, Djurgårdsbron,  that connects the Djurgården Island with the city Here the area of the Junibacken Museum are my favorite to take pictures.

Stockholms at night. Picture taken from Djurgårdsbron.

Stockholms at night. Picture taken from Djurgårdsbron.

These are just some known “viewpoints” that you can find in Stockholm. Anyway you will see that there are many possibilities to take good photographs and discover new places when you walk one point and another.

I’ve told you some of my favorite places, and you? Did you discover any new ones? Please share your photos on INSTAGRAM with the hashtag #instafreestockholmtour

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