Exchange or not exchange? That is the question. Well … the truth is that as we said before everything is relative. But let me make it easy for you!

In principle it is always good to have some cash on hand when you visit a country for the first time and you do not know what things can cost or if you have to use public transport or not, for example. Do not despair! In our Blog you will find the best options to get to the center of Stockholm from the different airports and everything you need to know about the Stockholm Public Transport. But, returning to the issue of money, you should bear in mind that Sweden starting to use less and less cash.

What do I want to tell you with this? Basically, here you will be more likely to accept the credit card at any store (and even markets) than to accept cash money. That does NOT mean that you can not pay with Swedish crowns (SEK) but you should keep in mind that many restaurants may not accept cash.

How to know if a restaurant does NOT accept cash? Well, most often clarify it at the door, in the menu, or if it is a self-service restaurant, usually put a sign on the box in English so you can see it at the time of ordering. If you have questions, ask the waiter before ordering.

Also, you should bear in mind that exchange houses usually apply commissions that are not always (to say almost never) favorable for the client, and that if your idea is to take money out of ATMs, you will also have to pay a small commission, like in all other countries.

In summary, what we usually recommend after our FREE TOURS IN ESTOCOLMO in ENGLISH, is to consult with your bank before traveling if they apply some type of commission when you make purchases (no extractions) with credit or debit cards, because while most banks do not usually do it, it’s better to be aware. And in truth, it is very convenient to use the cards (even the Swedes almost do not use cash) since there is no minimum amount (that is, they could buy something in the supermarket for 5 sek or less) and even taxis usually take payments with cards . On the other hand, for those who feel more secure with some money in cash, what we recommend is not to change too much, because you may find that they are not accepted in some stores. In addition, in many places in the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) they accept Euros and Dollars as well, and in those cases, the exchange rate will be indicated in the shop window.



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