What I am going to tell you may not be a revelation, but it is certainly something you should keep in mind when planning a visit to Stockholm in winter.

Here is my list:

Point one: Warm clothes is never enough. It never is nor will it be.

What I recommend as “a non-Swede” is that you come with a lot of layers of clothes, and try to bring a waterproof jacket. It does not matter how you see the Swedes dressed or what the forecast says. Believe me, I’ve seen people in T-shirts with 7 degrees and girls sunbathing in swimsuits at the parliament with a few more degrees. After some years I understood that they are supernatural.

It’s more! There is a Swedish saying that says something like there is not bad weather, just bad clothes. LIE! The cold exists and it is best to have clothes that you can put on and take off easily because here all places are very well heated.


Point two: Ice is horrible. Do not let yourself be dazzled by the purity of the snow.

We all come with the romantic idea that snow is beautiful, super white, pure, fluffy, almost cozy. We all dream of a fireplace, firewood, a snowy landscape and things like that. Anyway, what nobody tells you is that walking in the snow is cumbersome and difficult, and often there is ice under the snow (or it comes later, but there you see it!), And with the ice – almost inevitably – the falls. I do not think is necessary to clarify, but from there to the bruises and broken bones is a little step, no more!

My “not Swedish” advice is that you try to walk like a penguin. Yes, as you read it. The body inclined forward, never straight and short steps. The Swedes do it. I still try to master the technique.


Point three: Socks are as important as the rest of your wardrobe.

I never thought I would say it, and there are those who argue in the fashion world about this, but in Sweden it will not be an irrelevant detail in your outfit. Why do I say this? Beyond having socks that keeps your feet warm, you should keep in mind that here in many places they will ask you to take off your shoes when you enter, so maybe it is better to leave your holey socks.




Point four: The best way to get to know a city as Stockholm is to walk. Yes, also with temperatures below zero.

All cities are better known if you have the opportunity to walk, even in the Winter. So you should not miss the opportunity to discover the city with our Free Tour in Stockholm in English or SPANISH. You can visit the city with us and hear the stories behind the most representative buildings of modern Sweden with our Free Tour in Stockholm. Or if you prefer, you can join us through the medieval streets of the Old Town of Stockholm to learn more about the first inhabitants with our  Free Tours by Gamla Stan in English or Spanish.

Point five: Stockholm is a beautiful city, ALWAYS.

No matter when you decide to visit the Swedish capital or for how long you do it, Stockholm will always have something new to offer you. Don´t you believe me? Come! For sure, you will return home beeing in love with this city.



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